Reference slot open!

Slot 3

Starting Bid - $10
Autobuy - $20


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 2D
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Pay on PayPal via boosty (it's easy!) in 48h

Sb- sketch reference with colours (one fullbody)
Ab- colored line (onw fullbody)

  • Add palette - free!
  • Аdd one-colored background - free!
  • Add easy wings or tail - free!
  • Add 1 emotion head +5$
  • Add complex wings or complex tail +5$
  • Add back+10$
  • Add some items (3-5)+7$
  • Add fullbody with outfit (copy prew) +10$
  • Add fullbody with outfit (new drawing) +20$
  • Add detail background+20-40$ (depends on the complexity of what you want)

Уou can choose any combination for your reference! Feel free to ask about something that you would like to add, but I did not write a price for it

Sometimes I change the colors a little to make them look more harmonious, please write in advance if you are against it!

Deadline 2-7 days~

Love u, frendo, have a great day <з