Strip dance YCH

Slot 2

Starting Bid - $15
Autobuy - $50

Complete Alienation

Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 1D
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Artist Info
Any Furry/Human Species/Race
Any gender
Shading as shown
Stockings removable
Tail changeable
Any pattern and colour for socks
Same body type
Background as shown
I will adjust colours to your character!

-:Additional options(paid separately):-

+$3 add glitter
+$5 version with cumshot
+$10 any additional clothes
+$10 to change body type
(negotiatable) any additional chages you want

For AB any options for free!


- Paypal USD only. I will send you an invoice
- Payment within 48 hours otherwise the auction will be lost
- I will start working after full payment. It usually takes up to 2-14 days (but might take more). I can complete your order faster for an extra fee


- Visual reference required
- No refunds
- If you want to I can send you stages of drawing as well (such as lines, colour etc.) just tell me
- I will make only up to 5 edits in finished drawing for free, extra for payment
- My drawings for noncommercial use only, PM me for more info if you want to use my works in commercial way

-:You can find more drawings here:-

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