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💘 welcome! 💘
I'm Cupid (he/she) and here's where I sell YCHs, and sometimes adopts :> thanks for stopping by!

some notes that might be helpful if you're commissioning me:
- I complete commissions in the order in which they were paid for, so even if your commission is simple, it may take a while to complete if you're last in queue!
- I try to do sketches right away so you won't have to wait for me to get to you if my queue is long ^^
- I do commissions one at a time, so even though most drawings only take me a few hours, the turnaround time you see above is most likely how long you will have to wait just for me to get around to your commission!
- I try to minimize the number of messages I send so I'm not blowing up anyone's inboxes, but I am always so grateful for my clients' kind words when I send WIPs! I read them to my bf and they make us both smile ^^ thank you!
- I also do regular commissions offsite and occasionally even contracted work (illustration is my full-time job atm), and I post a new video to my youtube channel every week. so please be patient with me! I work every single day and my queue/to-do list is almost always quite long ><

and here's my ko-fi if you feel like giving me a tip!
if you're interested in getting a non-YCH commission from me offsite, please note that my rules, comfort zone, and prices are quite a bit different!