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Read my profile description!
There are rules at the end!

also if you LIKE soft wg content with some canon human(!) characters welcome on my kink Twitter!
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hris ✦ 25 y.o ✦ she/her ✦ lesbian


Making a BID on YCH or ADOPT
with mature and more content, you are confirming
that you are at least 18 years old!


If the auction is not running, you can also PM me about it, if you want to take it, I'll run it!

Main rules:

— no refunds
— I always post the final YCH result, If you don't want it, text to me in advance
— for text reference cute marks (text description without pic) - I take an extra $5 for design
— payment should be made within 48 hours after the auction ends
— at the finished sketch stage, I send it to you and if you're happy with it,
I move on. If confirmed your character's sketch, I do not make any huge edits to it..