YCH: Geek Girl

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Starting Bid - $20


Average turnaround: 2W
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Hello Beautiful people! Want to participate in the auction `` Geek Girl? '' Do not wait any longer and see what things this illustrations includes: 3
what includes?

-the initial $ 20 auction to your pony or Fursona in this cute pose in flat colors!
Includes the clothes present in the drawing (the design of the clothes can be changed but without being transparent)

-for auctions over $ 30
The drawing will be in full color plus a simple background!

-for auctions over $ 70
Here you go 2 drawings! the first one in full color with the clothes showed in the preview (or some other of his preference) + a nude version of the same drawing.
As an additional bonus the nude version can change the pose and expression, it can also include some sex toy, fluids or even hands or penises, all according to your preference!

If you pay an additional $ 15 you can add a second character and make a scene +18 or yuri. (Only valid if you pay more than 70$)
Remember that:
-Payment for the auction must be made within 48H of the end of the auction.
-Paypal payments only
-Any questions you can leave me a message and I will respond with pleasure!