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Some simple rules:

• Any species (Unicorn, Bat, Zebra, Pegasus, Alicorn, Earth, Changeling, Hippogriff)
• Any sex or gender!
• Can be canon characters!


- This is a sketch. It will be lined! This is not the final drawing. There will be some changes to poses if a certain species is chosen, etc.
- You should have reference or images with character (no text description)
- I can make the necessary corrections
- Full prepayment. Payment must be received within 32 hours after the auction has ended.
- No cancelling bid!
- Will be shaded (soft or cel, depending on multiple bidders).
- Background will also be shaded.
- Can add animation (will cost an extra $100+ to bidding)
- Depending on my commission process, commissions as big as this will often take months to finish.
- I will send you WIPs (work in progress)


You can contact me through:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:
- Discord: Viktiipunk#0001


Payment with PayPal (USD)