Sexy Devil Costume YCH

flat color

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Cupid Dissolvi

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I know it's still september but..... 🎃👻🍁🍬
I have a few more halloween costume YCH ideas, so I'll add them here as I post them!
[Sexy Witch Costume]
[Sexy Mummy Costume]

- strictly SFW
- character can be any gender, race, or even species (anthro, other humanoid, etc.)
- body type can be changed slightly (weight, bust, etc.) but the pose must stay the same
- the face/expression can be changed completely as well
- costume will be solid red, unless you'd like a different color
- bg can be transparent or have a simple pattern

buyer MUST pay within 24 hours of winning auction, and I'll start drawing asap once I've received the payment. thank you!