Sexy Nurse Costume YCH

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Starting Bid - $18
Autobuy - $60

Cupid Dissolvi

Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 3D
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buyer MUST pay within 24 hours of winning auction, otherwise let me know if you need more time! I'll start drawing asap once I've received the payment. thank you!

this was originally a halloween YCH, but I realize this one can still be done year round lol

- strictly SFW/suggestive by default; if you autobuy, you also get the NSFW version (if you want)
- character can be any gender, race, or species
- body type can be changed SLIGHTLY, expression can be changed completely, pose and outfit must stay the same
- uniform will be pinkish white unless you'd prefer a different color scheme
- bg can be transparent or have a simple pattern (let me know if you have a color preference, otherwise I'll decide)