Greatness — YCH or ADOPT

SLOT 01 - Egyptian

Starting Bid - $40
Autobuy - $300

Café com Pôneis

Average turnaround: 2W
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Hey there! Hello to everypony! :)
Here's everything you need to know about this auction:


$40 = Flat color and Linework -> SAMPLE
$80 = Simple or Soft Shaded -> SAMPLE
$150+ = Fully-shaded/Detailed version. SAMPLE
$250+ = Fully-Shaded/Detailed version PLUS Slightly Animated version (format .WEBM and/or .GIF) -> Animated version SAMPLE

I might do one or more extra versions with more content if bid gets higher.

— Please, no fake bids!
— Payment first, I accept PayPal, Payoneer or PagSeguro (BRL) as payment methods. I do not do refunds, so please, be sure you want it.
— Have references ready with you. (If you don't have one and you wish pony characters, I suggest you to create yours through Pony Town)
— Or, you can adopt the characters in the scene for you. I can do changes on them if you'd like.
— Long text descriptions are NOT ok. Please make them short, resumed descriptions.
— The winner can choose any character of choice to replace the actual one on the scene.
— I can change pose, expression, add and change many stuff (don't be afraid to ask me before payment if you have any doubts), but them shall NOT be too different from the original idea.
— Any race you'd like. I have preference for ponies and creatures alike (zebras, changelings, bat ponies, gryphons, draconies, hybrids), but I also do ferals, semi-anthro, anthro characters. I rarely accept human/humanoid characters.
— Sometimes I do PUBLIC livestreams on Picarto. If you want it to be private, let me know.
— This is an unfinished artwork, which means, the final artwork will be better and probably slightly different from what you see in here.
— Canvas size is 7680x4320 pixels in 500 dpi resolution, however, I can do some adaptations to your preference. Animated versions are smaller, compacted sizes, and can be adapted too.
— I speak English and Brazillian Portuguese.

NOTE: The final artwork with extras will be all released on my Patreon page with every Patreon related content I do, for everyone that supports me on Patreon! And a smaller version of it will be uploaded to Derpibooru and other social medias I have. If you have something to complain, let me know and we shall talk about it.
— This artwork shall not be traded or sold commercially as it is intended for personal use only.
— By participating on this auction you agree with what is said here on this auction's description.

You can check SFW artworks I did on my Deviantart or NSFW ones on my Derpibooru.

Still have any doubts about it?
You can talk to me on DiscordApp:

Click HERE to join my Discord Server!
Or talk privately to me, my Discord ID is: Guilherme (Calena) #2127
Also you can talk to me in the comment section below.