Chibi Heart YCH


Starting Bid - $30
Autobuy - $60

Cupid Dissolvi

Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 11D
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bid $30 or more for the single version! (1 character)
bid $50 or more for the couple version! (2 characters)

these will be flat/not shaded!

- winner must pay right away OR let me know if you need more time and I will hold it for up to 2 weeks
- I will send only one WIP after doing the initial sketch (unless you request more)
- check my bio for the link to my public queue! it shows every commission I'm currently working on and how far along it is, as well as other helpful info

- please expect to send an extra $5 per character if your character design is complex, but no VERY complex designs please! DM me if you're unsure
- any gender, race, or species
- any body type
- any expression
- any outfit (again, nothing too complex)
- pose MUST stay the same
- BG can be transparent or have a simple pattern