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Café com Pôneis

Average turnaround: 12D
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Hey there! Hello to everypony! :)
Here's everything you need to know about this auction if you want your characters here:

— Click here to see an example of finished artwork I did this way.
— Please, no fake bids!
— Payment first, Payoneer or PayPal.
— Have references ready with you. (If you don't have one, I suggest you to create yours through Pony Town)
— The winner can choose any characters to replace the actual ones.
— I can change their expressions and more stuff (don't be afraid to ask me before payment if you have any doubts).
— Any race you'd like. Only ponies and creatures alike (zebras, changelings, bat ponies, gryphons, draconies, kirins, hybrids)
— Final artworks will be fully-shaded/detailed!
— Sometimes I do commissions during livestream on Picarto. If you don't want me doing it on livestream, let me know.
— This is an unfinished artwork, which means, the final artwork will be better and probably will be slightly different of what you see in here.
— I'll share all final artworks on my Patreon page as well.
— Winners will got one separate image (from the chosen slot) and the complete image with all other slots from other winners together in 6614x4677 pixels, 400 dpi resolution.

You can check SFW artworks I did on my Deviantart or NSFW ones on my Derpibooru.

Still have any doubts about it?
You can talk to me on DiscordApp:

Click HERE to join my Discord Server!
Or talk privately to me, my Discord ID is: Guilherme (Calena) #2127